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Below is a list of repertoire that we will be working on during the next term. To get access to any of the resources and rehearsal material for music on this, please visit the Choir Resources Page. To access this page and the files on the page you will need to use the password given to you at rehearsals. If you are unsure of the password, please do not hesitate to contact Shaun Humphries directly.

If you do not have certain piece of music listed below, please visit the Choir Resources Page or contact Shaun.

The Repertoire for 2017:

This list will be updated regularly. Please check your folders to ensure you have the necessary number of pieces for rehearsals. Let Shaun know if you run into any difficulties accessing the Choir Resources Page or if you have any music missing.

  • I Dreamed a Dream
  • Hunters Chorus
  • Steal Away
  • The Rose
  • Shenandoah
  • All in the April
  • Myfanwy
  • Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
  • Escondido
  • Hit the Road Jack
  • In Christ Alone
  • And So it Goes